Entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico - For entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Puerto Rico, in either San Juan, Bayomon, Carolina, Ponce or another area in the country, the Caribbean of the Angel Investment Network can provide a conduit to investors looking to find investment opportunities. Simply sign up to the Caribbean Investment Network, submit your business plans or proposal and investors will be able to search online and find you. Puerto Rico has typically had strong economic ties with the United States, which has meant that US firms have invested heavily in the Puerto Rican economy and entrepreneurs with a strong business plan can exploit these ties to their own advantage. Whilst Puerto Rico has no natural resources to speak of, this has not stopped budding entrepreneurs starting businesses and making money from the agriculture and industrial sectors and with Puerto Ricans benefitting from the adoption of the US minimum wage, business in Puerto Rico is booming.

Investors in Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico has long been a location associated with investment and today the Puerto Rican economy still reflects this. With industry, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and clothing being some of the main industries of the island and tourism being an important part of the economy there are many opportunities for investment in Puerto Rico. Investors can use the Caribbean branch of the Angel Investment Network to find a whole range of business opportunities that require investment. Browse Puerto Rican investment opportunities today to find your next investment in a country which has a long tradition of investment and entrepreneurship.