The Dominican Republic is well known for its tourism and agricultural business, with one of the largest economies among the Caribbean nations. Its tourism is generally attributed to the popularity of the country’s beautiful regions, such as the remote Punta Cana, as well as its hills and bountiful wildlife, which attract tourists internationally each year. Real estate is another major sector of business opportunity for those interested in the booming tourist and travel trade in the Dominican Republic, as more and more travelers visit the country’s vibrant capital, Santo Domingo, among other locations in the country.

However, one of the Dominican Republic’s most valued aspects of its booming tourism business is its various established Free Trade zones. Countries with Free Trade zones are valued by business entrepreneurs and investors as places of favorable trade conditions and excellent sites of company operations. In fact, the Free Trade zones within the Dominican Republic are considered among the top sources of economic growth for the country in recent years. The Caribbean branch of Angel Investment Network has been addressing the interest of investors looking to break into the vast economic opportunities of the country.

For entrepreneurs looking to dive into the retail and commercial opportunities available in the Free Trade zones of the Dominican Republic, Angel Investment Network can help begin the process of searching for investment opportunities. Likewise, investors are able to get involved in the advancing trade and business in these sectors by scoping out new and innovative business proposals uploaded onto the network. For foreign investors, being able to explore what the country’s entrepreneurs have to offer before setting out for the Dominican Republic can be a major convenience. Opportunities are not limited to the Dominican Republic however; investors and entrepreneurs can easily connect to other business people throughout the Caribbean islands. The diversity of proposals that Angel Investment Network has to offer befits the diversity in economy and business that can be found in Caribbean.