Businesses in the Caribbean Islands have experienced a steady increase in the past few years, but it may not be the usual suspects that are leading this movement. The traditional investment areas in the Caribbean include real estate, tourism and offshore financing. However, the Caribbean Investment Network, an online portal for start-ups seeking investment, has matched entrepreneurs and investors in these industries as well as a wide range of other business sectors.

As opposed to foreign businesses expanding to the Caribbean Islands, many companies and entrepreneurs based in the Caribbean are looking to expand or start new businesses there. Examples include local commercial and retail services in the Dominican Republic, agricultural projects in Jamaica and a healthcare start-ups based in St. Lucia. Local publications and educational projects are also popular among available business proposals.

Starting a new business on the Caribbean Islands usually requires a fair share of capital, and most people associate new businesses with ventures from the US or Europe. In today�s market though, the Caribbean branch of the Angel Investment Network has helped make that first step a lot easier. Many people find it hard to obtain bank loans and have limited contacts, but the Angel Investment Network allows entrepreneurs to post their business ideas online and find potential investors located anywhere in the world. This can help them secure the funding that they need to launch their business effectively.

Foreign Investors can also look at potential investment opportunities in the Caribbean Islands, from local business to larger scale projects.