Jamaica presides among the more successful Caribbean islands as a site for great economic development and business growth. With growth in vital sectors of business, such as tourism, service, agriculture and mining, Jamaica is becoming an increasingly attractive country for investment both from foreign investors and local business people taking advantage of the recent focus on the island. As a member of the Single Market, which consists of fifteen other nations in the Caribbean, Jamaica has been taking its economic future into serious consideration with its strives towards free trade throughout the region. This is encouraging for those truly interested in business on the island, as it sets favorable trade standards for investors and business owners alike.

Kingston and its out-lying areas is a particularly attractive region for investment in Jamaica, as the vast majority of the country’s air and sea infrastructure is concentrated in and around the capital. Tourism, as well, is clustered in both the capital and the island’s popular coves and beaches. However, Jamaica is not solely oriented around tourism and agriculture; the country has an extensive wireless network and is in the process of further developing their mobile technologies nationwide. Prospective investors have their pick of sectors to concentrate their business efforts into.

Foreign investors, as well, have a great deal to gain from investment in Jamaica, as the country’s economy has been rising steadily since the early 2000s. The Caribbean Branch of Angel Investment Network has been created to service the growing needs of both native business people and investors abroad. Finding a business match is easier than ever; once registered, entrepreneurs in Jamaica or the other nations of the Caribbean can post business proposals. Investors can choose proposals that best fit their business sector, level of involvement in business, and investment amount from Jamaican or Caribbean entrepreneurs.