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US1 - US1,000,000

Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep

I am the managing partner and chairman of Veroza Group, where we conduct trading but also invest in start-up businesses and businesses that already generate rev...

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I/we have a vast experience in

US10,000 - US250,000

Paradise Island, Bahamas

I have been heavily involved in the following businesses: oil and gas exploration, drilling, food, beverage production and marketing. I sit on the board of seve...

Areas of Expertise

I have 30 years experience of

US5,000 - US200,000

Dorado, Puerto Rico

Mr. David Watkins is the inventor of Talent Management; a global multi- billion dollar market He is a Serial Entrepreneur and has a wealth of operational ex...

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We got an influx of interest from AIN investors which has resulted in substantial investment from investors sourced by AIN, at a very cheap share price. The offer in our AIN proposal was intended as a special offer for existing shareholders, and I posted it on AIN largely as a hurry-up for shareholders. As it has transpired, nearly half was grabbed in quick time from new AIN investors, more than half of whom were happy to invest without meeting ...

Mark Bradley @ Semantic Software

Mark Bradley @ Semantic Softwa...

I am so happy with your site. I had an awesome meeting with an investor that is highly interested in the funding the full amount. I will be doing a post on Facebook today about Angel Investment Network giving me the tools I need to share my project with the world.

Blair Thein @ Pool, Poker & Pain

Blair Thein @ Pool, Poker & Pa...

Just a quick note to say thanks for the service you provide. Like a lot of people I was worried about it but after a number of great investor contacted me I can see that it's genuine.

Jane Hamilton

Jane Hamilton

$300 million raised for our members

Global Pro
0% Raised

Right Cross Fitness

Dominican Rep,

30 minute circuit fitness, a different workout everyday. Low initial investment, low overhead, low staff counts, high returns. Great full body workouts. Convenient locations.

US 125,000


US 60,000


Global Pro
0% Raised

Loan to Retailer


We are four store clothing chain that sells men's and boy's clothing. We have been open since 1985 and have had many profitable years. In 2012 and 2015 we opened new stores.

US 1,000,000


US 2,500


Global Pro
0% Raised

Serenium T

Netherlands Antilles

We MAXIMIZE business mobility/profitability providing VoIP/Contact Center Services using secure connections on Internet. We revolutionize the term BYOD. +30% ROI within 2 yrs

US 50,000


US 5,000