The Caribbean Islands have a wide range of potential opportunities for investors, both locally and abroad. Venture capitalists and angel investors alike have started to look in the region for potential success stories among the recent wave of Caribbean start-ups.

Several biotech and energy start-ups have already been set up in the region and an increasing amount of angel investment has been provided in the area. Currently, over 2 billion dollars of capital is available on the Caribbean branch of the Angel Investment Network, a clear sign that the market is making progress. Investors from a wide range of countries have also helped the market grow, with investors from China and India amongst the list of countries looking to invest in the Caribbean.

While some business owners are just looking for investment for their new business ideas, many Caribbean entrepreneurs are also looking for investors who are willing to take a more active approach. As well as providing capital, investors can assist with contacting the right people and forming a cohesive business plan for expansion.