Entrepreneurs in Jamaica - Discover the Jamaican branch of the Angel Investment Network where entrepreneurs can connect with investors looking to invest in Jamaican projects and companies. If you’re looking to start a business in Kingston, Spanish Town, Portmore or Montego Bay then you can use the Angel Investment Network to find investors willing to invest in Jamaican projects. Jamaica has many market areas that are seeing rapid development, such as real estate, tourism, agriculture and mining and entrepreneurs looking to exploit these growth areas can use the Caribbean Investment Network to their advantage. Entrepreneurs can find the required capital that they need by pitching their business ideas and plans online to find investors and to get their ideas off the ground, as well as getting the experience, advice and contacts that a particular angel investor may have.

Investors in Jamaica - Those looking for investment opportunities in Jamaica can use the Caribbean branch of the Angel Investment Network to browse thousands of proposals and find entrepreneurs, projects and businesses to invest into and provide seed capital for. Jamaica operates a mixed, free market economy and is committed to free enterprise. Investors find that Jamaica’s proximity to the United States, emerging ties with Latin America and also being located close to the Panama Canal allows entrepreneurs and investors an advantageous situation for business success. Jamaica’s membership in the Caribbean single market also helps strengthen business growth and ensures that Jamaica is a great place for investors to invest their money.