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Angel Investment & Venture Capital News

An inside look at high-tech start-ups and their investors

Kevin Kinsella founded Avalon Ventures in 1983, which seems like eons ago in the history of venture capital. The Avalon Ventures team But the San Francisco area was getting crowded even back then, and Kinsella figured, “I want to be at least a medium-size fish in a small pond.” So he set up shop in the San Diego area, where the weather is better and “in the summertime you can swim in the ocean.” The years have been good ...

Facebook Participates In StartUp America Initiative

President Barrack Obama and Facebook, plus numerous other companies, have formed the StartUp America Partnership to stimulate economic growth by fostering technology entrepreneurs.

The initiative was announced this morning via a livestream on Facebook, and you can watch a recording of it here. Chaired by AOL founder Steve Case, the partnership will be privately funded but bring together players from both the public and private sec...

Caribbean Could Become Technology Hub

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - The Caribbean could become a major global technology centre if the region's professionals engaged in the field were to unite around such a vision.

Barbadian businessman Andrew Jemmott, Managing Director of Caribbean Webcast Inc. (formerly The Caribbean Streaming Network), said regional populations ought to graduate from being mere consumers of cutting edge technology to creators and innovators in it.


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Business Plans & Pitching

How to create a great elevator pitch or headline summary in three easy steps

You need a crisp, compelling headline summary or “Elevator Pitch” to describe how you help your customers. Nobody has the time to listen to long, rambling descriptions that don’t get right to the point – so here’s a simple formula to help you explain exactly what you do in just a few seconds. A headline summary helps in lots of ways The process of thinking clearly about how you describe what you do in a few seconds is en...

Pitching to a venture capitalist or angel investor? Read this first

While most Venture Capital firms have their own unique styles and criteria, the investment fundamentals are fairly similar across the board. Here are ten tips to help your fundraising process along: 1. Be resourceful and find a way to get a warm introduction. Your first meeting is primarily about building credibility. LinkedIn is a great tool to find mutual contacts. In addition, use your local start-up community to find entrepreneur...

The wrongs that write a business plan. What to avoid if you want to raise finance

What to avoid if you want to raise finance I read two or three business plans a week. I’ve developed a checklist of irritating elements that entrepreneurs are best advised to avoid if they want to succeed in raising finance. ● Complicated and aggressive non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements There is often an inverse relationship between the length of the NDA and the scale of the project. While entrepreneurs should try ...

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Fund Raising

Business Angels: The Solution On Where to Find Funding

Where can you find business angels and what do they offer? In answering this question we must know what a business angel is. They are simply people who provide businesses, usually those starting,enough money to move up to the next level.

Their professions range from retirees and doctors to business owners and executives, one may just even be your neighbor. There are over a million such investors annually in the US pumping capit...

Are Super Angel Investors Right for You?

Super angels raise funds like venture capitalists but invest early like angels and in sums between the two, on average from $250,000 to $500,000.

So if typical angel funding isn’t quite enough for your startup, and venture capital seems eons away, super angels might be a good in-between option.

What to Expect

In a world where VC money is the holy grail (and equally as hard to find as the holy grail), super angels are...

3 things to remember when trying to win over an angel investor

The fact that there are thousands of books on investment strategy means there are an infinite number of different investor mindsets. No two are probably exactly the same, but every investor holds to some basic fundamentals, first and foremost: How will this make money?

Having sat through meetings, spent time living with serial investors and enjoyed the insights from some whose picks have been nothing short of outstanding, the best...

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Marketing & Social Media

3 Tips on Starting Your Business Blog

Have you decided it’s time to start blogging for your business? If so (which I hope you have), make sure you come up with a plan on how you are going to get started in the first place. Why is this important? Because even though blogging can be quick and easy to set up, it also requires your utmost consideration on some important factors. The following are some tips to include in your plan to start your own blogging site today! Deci...

7 Steps to the Perfect Social Media Plan

Do you dream about the perfect social media plan? The perfect social media template? Many business leaders wanting to get social dream about it. They think they need it. The social media magic template. The one that includes the perfect strategy, tactics and themselves as the social hero of their company and social superstar of their market niche! You know the social media template I am talking about. The one that will help you see a...

4 Reasons Your Brand Should Avoid Facebook

Just because Facebook has made important upgrades to its platform, doesn’t mean it’s a place you need to be. Below are a few reasons you shouldn’t create a presence on Facebook. Feel free to replace Facebook with “Twitter”, “blogging” or “that other social media site” as you see fit. Because, really, the same rules apply. You don’t have the resources to invest there You’ve heard it a million times – the onl...

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Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs Top Error: Underestimating Monthly Expenses

A new survey reveals small business owners top startup mistake to be underestimating their monthly expenses.

It's not breaking small business news to hear that, when first starting out owners, are bound to make mistakes, forget important lessons or overestimate the resources they have.

Entrepreneur First Sale

A recent survey from Hiscox USA polled small business owners, asking them to share their biggest mistakes. The ...

10 Skills New Grads Must Have to Work at Startups

Soon, another wave of eager college graduates will hit the shores of companies everywhere. The best and the brightest will find jobs at startups. Well, actually, I don't know if they are the best and the brightest, but when it comes to working at startups, you pretty much have to be. That's because there is no orientation or formal mentorship programs or even direction. Startups are lean and fast and crazy. In my role as a startup fo...

The #1 Waste of Time for Entrepreneurs

Recently, a first time entrepreneur asked me for advice on “revenue sharing agreements.” He mentioned that it was taking his startup team a lot of time to work through this issue. I started telling him that in my experience, “rev shares” had a typical structure with partners getting a percentage kickback for business they send your way. He shook his head, and responded, “No, I mean revenue sharing among business partners.” I...

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